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About 98% of B Juiced products are organic but depending on availability, purchasing all organic is not always possible. If non-organic ingredients are included, B Juiced will ensure customers are aware. Integrity is a top priority.

All of our juices are cold pressed which produce the best quality juice. With cold pressed juice, the integrity of the juice is preserved so you get a higher yield of vitamins and enzymes with every sip.

Our produce is thoroughly cleaned with water and apple cider vinegar. At B Juiced, we only sell what we are willing to consume ourselves.

Consuming cold pressed juice is what your body needs! Some of the health benefits include: boosting the body’s immune system, protecting against disease, assisting the body with detoxification, increases energy, lowers cholesterol, promotes weight loss and so much more.

There are 12oz of juice in each bottle but there are other offerings if more is needed.

Unfortunately, we do not offer juice shipping at this time but we do ship B Juiced apparel.

Yes, we do! When we are operating out of our mobile unit, we offer juices, smoothies, acai bowls +more!

Not at all! B Juiced is 100% vegan.

No, we do not have a brick-and-mortar location at this time. For now, we are mobile and operate out of the B Juiced mobile unit and online.

We are open 7-days per week via our website! Also, we will attend Saturday Farmers’ Markets and special events.

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